Our People

Mr. Lý Trường Chiến
Mr. Chien has had nearly 25 working experiences in corporate management, marketing, sales and distribution system management, management consulting and training. Since 2005, he has successfully advised various companies (Tân Tân, TTA Gas, Best Caring, Sài Gòn Paper Company, SAPUWA, QTC… ) in developing business management system, restructuring, human resources and organizational capabilities development. Before 2005, he used to be professional marketing director and Sales Director for Unilever Vietnam, Chief Engineer, Technical Department Head, R &D Head, KCS Head for a number of leading companies such as Sony, JVC, PS, Todimax.. 
At 5S, he has been supporting the consultant team in expanding the customer base and developing business management strategy for 5S’s clients.

Our Team

Mrs. Đào Phượng Thuý
Chairwoman and Senior Advisor of 5S
Mr. Pham Que Phong
Managing Director - 5S
Mr. Lý Trường Chiến
Board member and Senior Advisor – 5S
Mr. Huynh Van Hoa
PTI’s Board Member and Senior Consultant
Mr. Ngo Le Quang Tri
Head of Corporate Advisory– 5S