Our People

Mr. Huynh Van Hoa
He had been Finance Director and Management Board member of Shell Vietnam Companies: Shell Vietnam Ltd, Shell Gas Hai Phong Ltd, Shell Gaz VN Ltd for almost 10 years. Up till now, He has had nearly 30 years of experiences in finance and banking industry assuming primary positions such as Deputy director of State bank Tay Ninh branch, Satimex Chie Accountant, Head of Export Division of Savimex Wood, Finance Director (in charge of Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar) for Peugiot, Assistant for General Director of ABN-AMRO Bank, Senior Relationship Manager for ING Bank and Shell Vietnam’s Finance Director. In nearly 30 years working with these organizations he has successful conducted financial management, internal control, developed ERP projects for the above companies, arranged debt restructuring and financing for aircraft purchase of Vietnam Airline.
At 5S, he has been leading and participating the accounting and finance system designing and internal control projects for 5S’s clients

Our Team

Mrs. Đào Phượng Thuý
Chairwoman and Senior Advisor of 5S
Mr. Pham Que Phong
Managing Director - 5S
Mr. Lý Trường Chiến
Board member and Senior Advisor – 5S
Mr. Huynh Van Hoa
PTI’s Board Member and Senior Consultant
Mr. Ngo Le Quang Tri
Head of Corporate Advisory– 5S